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We follow U.S. and Texas equal housing policies.  We don't  discriminate because of race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, handicap, family status, ethnicity, national origin, or public assistance as a source of income.

You will be considered for if your present housing is inadequate, and if you can't obtain adequate housing through other conventional means.  Inadequate housing includes problems with the present structure; water, electrical or sewage service systems; heating system, or failure to meet city property maintenance standards.  Also considered are the number, ages and sex of children in relation to the number of bedrooms in your present home.
The percentage of your monthly income you currently spend on housing is considered to determine need.  You will be required to openly and fully discuss your financial situation with Habitat Interviewers.

You and your family will be considered if your annual total income is between 40 percent and 60 percent of the median income for the Austin-San Marcos Metropolitan Statistical Area.

Eligibility: 2018 Adjusted Household Income Limits
Habitat For Humanity San Marcos, Texas

Number in Household






Min Gross Income






Max Gross Income







Ability to Pay Your New Morgage:

Since you are buying your house from Habitat, you must demonstrate ability to meet monthly mortgage payments.  This payment will include the mortgage, real estate taxes and insurance. We will help see if this payment jeopardizes your ability to meet other family financial obligations.  We can help develop a budget to determine your eligibility. 

In order to qualify, you are also required to:

  • Live in city of San Marcos
  • Be a legal resident of the United States
  • Be willing to participate fully as a Habitat partner

When selected:  You are a "partner family". You are then responsible for 300 hours of sweat equity working on your house or anothers. Work may include clearing the lot, painting, helping with construction, providing food for volunteers, or attending Homeownership Classes. Each family member signing the mortgage must complete 25% of the total required hours. The family can receive credit for the remaining sweat equity hours put in by friends and relatives.

Down payment:  You are expected to save a $500 downpayment. 

You will be responsible for maintenance and repairs of your house when you sign the mortgage. CLICK HERE  to download, print and the complete application. 

► Download the application here | English

Mail to: 

Habitat for Humanity San Marcos
Selection Committee
P.O. Box 1594
San Marcos, TX 78667-1594

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